Now on Netflix: What I love, Want to Watch and Won’t Watch

Sometimes, I miss life before Netflix. It was so simple. My dad would take my sister and I to Blockbuster on Friday night, we would pick out 3 to 4 movies and watch them on repeat all weekend long. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of movies at anyone’s streaming disposal, which makes it terribly impossible to know even where to begin.

There is no way I could give you my entire list of films and series I love on Netflix (or a full list of ones I won’t watch) but I thought I would give you enough to know where to start when you feel like you’ve watched it all. Please leave me comments of your favorite movies and shows so I can add them to my list. Happy streaming!

Movies I Love: (A short list, in no particular order)

Wish I Was Here

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Thor: Ragnarok

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


The Imitation Game

Mr. Beans Holiday

Seven Pounds

Get Smart

Gaga: Five Foot Two



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Into the Wild

The Truman Show


13 Going on 30

Bridge to Terabithia

Up in the Air

Movies I Want to Watch:

To All The Boys I’ve loved Before

Ex Machina

The Kings Speech


Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Pete’s Dragon

Dead Poets Society

Movies I WON’T Watch:

The Kissing Booth

Spring Breakers


The Emoji Movie

Sausage Party

You Get Me


Series I Love: (In no particular order)

Black Mirror


Queer Eye


Criminal Minds



Orange is the New Black

The Office

Stranger Things

New Girl

Parks and Recreation

Series I Want to Watch:

Breaking Bad

The Sinner


Arrested Development

The Crown


Series I WON’T Watch:


BoJack Horseman

The End of the F***ing World

The Ranch

Jessica Jones

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5 thoughts on “Now on Netflix: What I love, Want to Watch and Won’t Watch

  1. Dexter is so good, I’m rewatching it currently! Also, Ozark is a must see as well. Season two will be out next week!

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