Now on Netflix: A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV-PG)

We grew up reading the books and who could ever forget Jim Carrey’s creepy and hilarious rendition of Count Olaf in the 2004 film. When I heard A Series of Unfortunate Events was going to become a Netflix show, I was skeptical and worried they wouldn’t do the Baudelaire children justice.

For those of you who don’t know the storyline, the Baudelaire children become orphans after their parents parish in a mysterious fire. They are left in the care of a “distant relative” named Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris). Klaus, Violet and Sunny face many trials and, well, a series of unfortunate events as they begin to uncover their families dark secrets.

Here are my thoughts on the new show:

  • I’ll be honest, the theme song is awful. Listen to it the first time so you know what I’m talking about and then just skip it before each episode every time after.
  • One thing I was EXTREMELY impressed with was the cinematography of this whole show. The colors are so incredibly vibrant, it almost feels like you are in a story book. Similar to the film, the costumes are just as extravagant as the characters which makes this show even more entertaining to watch.
  • It was hard for me to get into the show at first. Like I said, I was skeptical if Netflix was the right platform for a story of this caliber. I recommend pushing through the first few episodes because I didn’t really get sucked in until the third of fourth episode.
  • BUT once you do get more attached to the Baudelaire children, you can’t stop watching. No matter how many times Lemony Snicket will tell you to turn it off or look away, you’ll continue watching to see what crazy, unfortunate event transpires next.
  • The writing on this show is brilliant. It’s quirky, funny and intriguing. There are many laugh out loud moments and I loved how Lemony Snicket narrated throughout.
  • Lastly, no one could top Jim Carrey’s performance but I will give NPH an “A for effort.” He had to play a character that plays other characters which I would assume is extremely hard to do but he still did it extremely well.

Overall, I would still highly recommend watching this series. It is very entertaining  and gives so much more detail then the film did. If you loved the books and the film, I would definitely watch this series. And now, for my favorite Lemony Snicket quote, “If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats.”

A Series of Unfortunate Events is “Now on Netflix.”


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