Room Review

The main reason why I love films so much is because of the immense amount of emotions they can make you feel– while all it is, is moving pictures on a screen. Room made me laugh, it made me cry and at one point, my whole body was so tense that if someone would have hit me over the head with a hammer, I would have shattered into a million pieces.

Room is told in Jack’s perspective, a little boy who lives in “room” with his mom. He doesn’t know anything of the world outside of “room” besides what he see’s on TV and though the skylight. One day, enough is enough and it’s time for them to leave “room” forever.

Brie Larson, who plays Jack’s mother, is absolutely impeccable. The best kind of acting is when you forget that that person is playing a role. That’s exactly how it was with Larson. Jacob Tremblay plays Jack and I’m baffled by the fact that this little boy isn’t up for an Oscar. He is incredibly believable and that’s what makes him so unbelievable to watch.

Now, this isn’t the feel good movie of the year but it’s definitely one of the best. Make sure you see it before the Oscar’s this year (Feb. 28th) so you can see what all the hype is about!

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