Stranger Things 2 Review

Nothing says fall like the leaves changing, caramel apples, warm blankets… and a new season of Stranger Things. The long-awaited return of the breakout Netflix original is back and better than before.

Yes, I finished the new season in less than 2 days but I strictly did it so that I could get a review up for you guys. You’re welcome. I was also able to finish it so quickly because it is so well-made that the entire season flows like a full-length film. Even after bingeing it all, nine hours just wasn’t enough time spent reunited in Hawkins with Dustin, Mike, Will, Lucas and yes, Eleven is BACK (and more badass than ever).

Season 2 takes place a year after last season and things are still, well, strange. Will has been suffering these PTSD-like-episodes where he has visions of “the upside down.” As they get worse and more frequent, he relies on the help of his family and gang of friends once again to help figure out the mysteries of this other dimension and all the Demogorgans that come with it.

This season, the plot thickens, exposing the underlying problems growing in (or under?) Hawkins while also intensely developing the characters we know and love. We get to see a lot more of Jim Hopper, Steve and Eleven while getting introduced to new characters like Max and her older step-brother, Billy (he’s the worst), and the lovable, adorable, silly Bob Newby, played by the incredible Sean Astin.

Season 2 does an incredible job of answering all our questions from the end of the last season. Whether it’s about Barb, “the upside down” or Eleven’s past, you learn all you need to know and then some. But as always, the Duffer brothers know how to write a good cliff hanger ending…

I have nothing negative to say about Stranger Things 2. The special effects, the acting, the 80’s sound track and exciting, hilarious, intense storyline blend together to form the most perfect sequel to this cult classic. Now that I’ve finished it, I’m honestly probably going to restart it again… What are you waiting for? Stranger Things 2 is streaming on Netflix now!



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