Beauty and the Beast Review (PG)

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of what it would be like to be a princess. The magic, the music, Prince Charming and the gowns! I pictured a world in my head, never believing I would actually be able to see it come to life… until now.

I have been not-so-patiently waiting for this live-action Beauty and the Beast since the very first teaser trailer. When the tickets were released, I got front row. I knew this film would be magical and spectacular but it went beyond my wildest childhood dreams.

When I watch films, I notice more than most. I have trained myself to see things that other people might not even notice like the use of green screens, wigs on actors, bad make-up, glitches in editing, dubbed voiceovers and all of thee above. But in Beauty and the Beast, I was waiting for something to go wrong, searching for something to set my movie-critic mind ablaze and NOTHING. HAPPENED.

This film is absolutely flawless. Emma Watson takes on this powerful yet gentle role of the beloved Disney Princess Belle and knocks it out of the park. Her voice is like butter and it’s honestly not even fair how perfect she is. I was incredibly impressed with Luke Evans who usually plays macho-man roles like Gaston but who knew he could sing?!

Josh Gad steals the show, per usual, playing Gaston’s sidekick (and controversially, wanna-be lover) Le Fou, who means well but is blinded by love. The character made headlines last month when it was revealed that Le Fou was gay. Some people praised the film for it while a few theaters banned it from even being shown. Overall, his characters sexuality is subtle is the most beautiful way and brings comic relief to a sometimes dark storyline.

I can’t forget to mention the amazing supporting cast members like my love (and fellow March 31st birthday buddy) Ewan McGregor who plays the Lumière and Ian McKellen who plays his pal, Cogsworth. Emma Thompson perfectly portrays Mrs. Potts and newcomer Nathan Mack is the cutest Chip ever. For all you Broadway fans, you need to see this film just for Audra McDonald who’s voice will blow your mind as Madame Garderobe.

The CGI, or computer generated images, in Beauty and the Beast were seamless. I was worried that the beast, played by Dan Stevens, would distract me but every hair on his head and movement of his body looked strikingly realistic. Also, almost the entire “Be Our Guest” scene was CGI and it can only be described as insanely entertaining. I was smiling the whole time.

That brings me to the music. Oh, be still my heart! All of the classics were there and had me quietly singing along in my seat. I would have stood up and clapped for each song at the end but I would have probably been kicked out of the theater. Like I said, Emma can sing, Luke can sing, Josh can sing, Ewan can sing and we all know Audra can SING so I had no complaints about any of their voices. It was beautiful.

This has been my longest review to date and if you are still reading it, I appreciate your dedication. I am obviously really passionate about this film and I recommend it for absolutely anyone, of all ages, whether you have seen the original or not. Now, be my guest and go see it!

Beauty and the Beast is playing in theaters now.

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