Now on Netflix: Okja (TV-MA)

Who would have thought you could fall in love with a giant CGI super-pig? Well, after you watch the first 10 minutes of this Netflix original film, you’ll want Okja to be your best friend too.

Mija is a young girl that lives in the countryside of South Korea with her grandfather and her pet, super-pig Okja. She was given to their farm when Mija was just four-years-old and they became inseparable. Unfortunately, the people who brought her Okja, wanted her back.

This film beautiful and the seamless CGI is 100% believable, so much so that you forget Okja isn’t real. You fall in love with this giant pig and her small companion, who never gives up fighting to bring Okja home.

This cast includes Tilda Swinton as Lucy (and Nancy) Mirando, who are the twisted twin sisters and CEO’s of the Mirando Corporation, in charge of ripping Okja from her home. Jake Gyllenhaal shows off just how talented he really is by taking on the role of Johnny Wilcox, a made-for-TV Zoologist that is quirky, cynical and just plain weird (in the most brilliant way). Other members of this incredible cast include Lily Collins, Paul Dano, and Steven Yeun but the real scene stealer is Seo-Hyun Ahn, who plays sweet, but strong, Mija.

I highly recommend this film but I will warn you that it might make you want to go vegetarian. Overall, Okja was absolutely incredible movie and everyone needs to see it.


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