Now on Netflix: Maniac

If you love Inception, Black Mirror, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or even Sorry to Bother You, I have the perfect show for you.

Netflix is constantly raising the bar of quality content – for themselves and for other streaming services. Maniac is the latest series to drop that has a knock-out cast and enticing storyline. Saying I was completely wrapped around this series finger is an understatement.

Maniac takes place in an retro-futuristic world, where you’re not sure if it’s 1987 or 2087. Owen (Jonah Hill) is schizophrenic and desperate for money (and answers). He enlists himself in a pharmaceutical trial, where he mets Annie (Academy-Award winner, Emma Stone), who has plenty of her own demons she is working through. They spark an unlikely, troublesome, cosmetic bond that seems unbinding no matter how hard they try to escape each others thoughts and dreams. It’s up to them to figure out what is real and what isn’t.


The first episode is a little slow but I was incredibly intrigued. They set the scene for absolutely anything to happen and leave you with a million questions swirling in your mind. The series takes on multiple alternate universes in Owen and Annies dreams, where we get to meet them as new characters (and really see their acting chops). The key to all the madness: Pay attention to the details. Every character, every line, everything in the background of a scene. It all comes back around.

This cast has a few more familiar faces including Justin Theroux as a deranged scientist who is torn between his creation and his morals. Sally Fields also has a small role and steals every scene she is in (no surprise there).


Overall, Maniac is original, magnetic, fascinating, hilarious and very well-done. I binged the whole series in one weekend and I plan on rewatching it just to catch any details I might have missed.

Maniac is Now on Netflix!


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