Now on Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet (TV-MA)

If I told you my new favorite show on Netflix was about a zombie who kills and eats people by ripping out their throats with her teeth… you probably wouldn’t believe me. But it’s the truth and Santa Clarita Diet is the best binge-worthy show of 2017. This Netflix original is upbeat (but horrifying), heartwarming (but disgusting) and the best laugh-out-loud show about cannibalism I’ve ever seen.

Drew Barrymore makes her first tv series debut as Sheila Hammond, a California relator who dies but is also alive? Her hilariously distraught husband, Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant, stays by her side as he searches for some sort of cure for his dead/undead wife.

The night this show came out, I watched four episodes in a row because it was so wildly entertaining. Netflix is really stepping up their game with original shows. I give this one 5-stars and an A+.

If you’re hungry for a new show, I highly recommend Santa Clarita Diet! I mean, as they say, a family that slays together, stays together.

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