Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

Ralph broke the internet and stole my heart. The sequel to the 2012 “smash” hit, Wreck-It Ralph, delivers a fun time for all ages – Littered with pop culture references, Disney Princesses and Easter eggs for film fans everywhere.  We are reunited with Ralph (John C. Reilly) and his adorable best friend, Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), […]

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Now on Netflix: Bodyguard

It’s hard for me to get into TV shows, because I would much rather watch a movie, but I was really craving a new show to binge. I reached out to my followers to see what everyone was watching and “Bodyguard” flooded my direct messages (Not to be confused with The Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston). […]

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Film Streams: Beautiful Boy Review

Just as the waves in the ocean dance back and forth, Nic Sheff found himself always getting pulled back into the crashing waves of relapse, no matter how much he reached towards land. Beautiful Boy comes from a true story of unwavering love, addiction, and the cycle of recovery and relapse. This film is based on […]

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Halloween (2018) Review

There is always a first for everything and Halloween is full of them. This is my first review of a horror film, the first horror film I saw in theaters, the first horror film I saw in theaters ALONE and that is just for me personally. Halloween is also the #1 biggest opening for a horror […]

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