“Captain Marvel” Deserves More

After the wild success of DC’s Wonder Woman, Marvel’s Captain Marvel had large, female-superhero-movie shoes to fill and an enormous amount of anticipation after Avengers: Infinity War to top it off. Being the die-hard Marvel fan I am, I had been waiting for this film since the moment it was announced. I purchased my tickets a month in advance for the first and earliest screening possible. The fact that the lead in the film, Brie Larson, and I share the same name is just the cherry on top.

The film begins as most origin stories do – Introducing the audience to current conflicts, cutting in flashbacks and hinting at where the story will go. We meet Vers (Larson), a human/Kree, who has a strong case of amnesia when it comes to her past. She is sent on a rescue mission, led by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) along with other warrior Kree, when their cover is compromised by the Skrull (shape-shifting alien bad guys). Vers finds her self crash-landing to Earth, through the ceiling of a Blockbuster Video in the 1990’s.

Vers links up with a much younger looking and eyepatchless Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D, who must help this half-human-half-alien woman protect earth from the Skrull. In the process, Vers a.k.a Carol Danvers begins to unravel the memories in her subconsciousness of her past life. We learn about her as she learns about herself and feelings of women em(super)powerment ensue.

There are plenty of nostalgic 90’s references that make this film seem almost familiar with pagers, CD’s, Internet cafe’s and a soundtrack that is sure to make you sing along. The comedic chemistry between Jackson and Larson is unique and pure. You remember this is 100% a Marvel film during its dynamic and explosive action scenes and when good vs. evil quickly becomes so much more than that. While Captain Marvel checks out on paper, I hate to say that I felt like something was missing

What I mean is, I hate to say that because I’m note sure what it is. The film is funny and surprising and invigorating but falls just slightly short of its potential. When you have an origin story that has 10 years and millions of dollars at the box office leading up to it, it better be one of the best cinematic experiences of the year. I LOVED this film and felt incredibly empowered and excited watching Brie Larson kick some major butt but I know she, women, and the whole Marvel universe deserved more from the writers.

Now, please: GO SEE THIS FILM! It is an incredible ride and an amazing introduction to Carol Danvers and where the Marvel universe is headed. There is a touching nod to the late, great Stan Lee as well as end credit clips that will leave you with your jaw in your lap. Captain Marvel is the HERo we have been waiting for and I am so glad she is finally here to save the day.

Captain Marvel is now playing in theaters everywhere.

Score: ★★★.75 / 5

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