“Rocketman” is Out of this World


When you have all the fame and money you could ask for, it would seem that nothing in the world could bring you down. For Sir Elton John, whose real name is Reginald Dwight, he would have traded all of that in a heartbeat for one thing – Unconditional love.

Rocketman is hailed a “true fantasy,” and is exactly that. Taking a magical spin on the life of one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen, the film follows Elton John from when he was a little boy in England, leading up to his tough decision to get sober. To move the story along, some of Elton’s most beloved songs are woven throughout the film into toe-tapping dance numbers or tear-jerking hymms.

I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun in a theater. The moment little Elton hits his first note of the first song, my jaw was on the floor. Everyone in this cast is wickedly talented, including Taron Egerton, who becomes almost unrecognizable as Elton, emboding his mannerisms and captivating personality in a way that is sure to land him some major awards. The best part? He is actually singing all of the songs and his voice is mesmerizing. Just give him the Oscar already!

What makes this film so special is that even through it is whimsical and dramatized, Elton John himself made sure the storyline was as accurate as possible, never skimping on the details of his harrowing drug and alcohol abuse throughout most of his career. While he was selling out stadiums and breaking record sales, he was battling demons and yearning to be loved. This movie doesn’t hold back – Just like Elton never has in any part of his life.

Rocketman is a love letter to Elton John’s fans and family but most importantly, it is a letter of acceptance to himself. You don’t want to miss a single moment of this dazzling roller coaster ride of emotions, music, drugs, heartbreak and triumphs. Rocketman is now playing in theaters everywhere!

Score:★★★★★/ ★★★★★- A perfect score.

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