Now on Netflix: Unicorn Store

One of the most authentic and pure movies has hit Netflix and it’s not one you will want to miss. Unicorn Store is a magical movie of self-discovery, with a whimsical and hilarious heart.

Kit (Brie Larson, who is also making her directorial debut) has finally succumbed to the failure of her dream of being a successful artist. She moves back in with her (wonderfully cast) parents, Bradley Whitford and Joan Cusack, who just want to help their daughter make the most of her life. Kit sees a commercial for a temp agency and decides to trade in her paint brushes and glitter for graph paper and highlighters.

She feels somewhat fulfilled but questions everything when she begins to receive colorful, mysterious letters with an address to “The Store.” Kit soon realizes that while some of her dreams might not come true, there is still hope that one will – Having a pet unicorn.

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I know, it sounds ridiculous but hear me out. Even adults still have a little bit of child-like wonder inside of them and Unicorn Store encourages us to embrace that as we get older, not run from it. Samuel L. Jackson, who also stars along side Larson in Captain Marvel, plays a quirky salesman that makes you skeptical but is so charismatic, you can’t help but want to believe. Jackson and Larson’s unliking pairing is always a pleasure to watch.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, so much so that I watched it twice in one day. It might not be for everyone but everyone was once a child and had a dream. See the magic for yourself. Unicorn Store is now playing, only on Netflix.

Fun fact: The childhood clips at the beginning of the movie are Larson’s actual home videos from when she was little.

Score: ★★★.5 / ★★★★★

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