December Movies: To See Or Not To See

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There are only a few more weeks left of 2017 so that means there are only a few more films that will either make the cut for Oscar nominations or fall short. Here is a list of 10 films you should either see or not see before the new year!

December 1: The Shape of Water

Oscar Buzz: Of course!  Rotten Tomatoes  95%   To See or Not: See – for a whimsical, forbidden love story with incredible, cinematic images.

December 8: The Disaster Artist

Oscar Buzz: Absolutely not…    Rotten Tomatoes  95%   To See or Not: See – if you appreciate dumb humor and movies like The Room. If not, pass.

December 8: I, Tonya

Oscar Buzz: Yes! Margot Robbie’s performance is said to be the best in her career so far.  Rotten Tomatoes  92%   To See or Not: See – it’s a true story that some people my age might not know about.

December 15: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Oscar Buzz: If anything, it would be for the CGI and special effects. To See or Not: Uh, SEE. That isn’t even a question.

December 20: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 

Oscar Buzz: I’m not even going to answer that one.  To See or Not: This is going to be a hard pass from me.

December 22: Pitch Perfect 3

Oscar Buzz: Nope, but is anyone surprised by that? To See or Not: After the flop that was the second film, I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the theater for this one.

December 25: Phantom Thread

Oscar Buzz: Absolutely, especially for Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance, which he claims is the last of his career. To See or Not: I will definitely be going to see this film in theaters but I know it won’t be everyones cup of tea.

December 25: The Greatest Showman

Oscar Buzz: A little but in my opinion, not as much as there should be. To See or Not: This is a definite “see” from me, especially in a theater. I wouldn’t miss it.

December 25: Downsizing 

Oscar Buzz: It seems as though Hollywood isn’t sure what to think of this film yet… and I’m right there with them. Rotten Tomatoes: 65%  To See or Not: Since this was filmed in Omaha, I waited for hours to catch a glimpse of Matt Damon and I love the director, Alexander Payne, I say see it.

December 31: All the Money in the World

Oscar Buzz: Oh, yes.  To See or Not: After the controversy surrounding the reshoot of the film without Kevin Spacey, the fact that it’s a true story and that it was directed by Ridley Scott… I’m so there.

What movies are you excited to see this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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