My 2017 Academy Award Predictions


It’s the BEST day of the entire year!

Nothing can top Oscar Sunday in my book. The stars, the films, the awards… it’s like a dream! This year has been crazy busy for me so I didn’t get to review all the Best Picture Nominees like I wanted to but instead, I’ll give you a short break down of who I think will take home the prestigious golden statue and why they deserve it. I hope you all are as excited as I am! Here are my 2017 Oscar predictions:

Best Picture

As far as the nominees, I was able to see Hidden Figures, Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land, Lion and Fences. Honestly, I had NO desire to see Manchester by the Sea (I didn’t care for the story line or Casey Affleck) but I am bummed I didn’t get around to seeing Hell or High Water and Moonlight.

My prediction- As much as I LOVED Hacksaw Ridge and especially Lion, I have a feeling La La Land is going to sweep the competition tonight so they are my pick to win Best Picture!


Best Actor

Again, who I want to win verses who is going to win isn’t usually the same which sucks but the Academy has a type – that’s for sure. Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge gave an incredible performance, the best I’ve seen from him, and he completely stole my heart BUT after seeing Fences yesterday, Denzel Washington might be the one to beat. Everyone this year is going on and on about Casey Affleck but Fences was pretty much just one giant monologue from Denzel and that deserves some damn recognition.

My prediction- I hope the Academy is going to pull through and give it to Denzel but I have a feeling Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea is going to take home the prize.


Best Actress

It was a huge shock at the Golden Globes when Isabelle Huppert won for her performance in the foreign film, Elle, but I don’t think she will pull that off again. I got to see Jackie, starring nominee Natalie Portman, and she was almost unrecognizable in her performance of the beloved, widowed First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Emma Stone, however, took her classic character stereotype (sassy, sweet and quirky) but hit it out of the park in La La Land. I throughly enjoyed her performance, per usual, and I think tonight might actually be her night.

My prediction-  Emma Stone in La La Land. I’m telling you, that film is going to steal them all tonight. Let’s just hope something like this doesn’t happen again when they do.


Here are the rest of my predictions for the big show tonight:

Best Supporting Actor: I want Dev Patel for Lion to win but I have heard so much about Mahershala Ali for Moonlight that I think he has it in the bag.

Best Supporting Actress: Honestly, all the nominees were absolutely amazing so it could go to anyone. My best guess is either Viola Davis for Fences or Octavia Spencer for Hidden Figures.

Best Cinematography: La La Land. 100%. No doubt in my mind.

Best Costume Design: Jackie and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had gorgeous costumes that took you back in time and as much as I would love for one of them to win, I think the Academy is going to give this one to La La Land… Shocker, I know.

Best Original Score: I give this one to Lion. (Even though I know it will be La La Land but I’m trying to mix it up a little, okay?)

Best Original Song: “How far I’ll go” from Moana NEEDS to win or else I will never watch the Oscars ever again… Okay, that’s not true but I would give anything to see Lin Manual Miranda win an Oscar for that film. Will “City of Stars” from La La Land win? Probably. Should it? No. Sorry, Ryan Gosling. You can’t have everything in this world.

Well, there you have it! My 2017 Academy Awards predictions. Be sure to print off your ballot and follow along as the excitement unfolds tonight on ABC. Jimmy Kimmel hosts and I can’t wait to see what jokes he has up his sleeve. Make sure you are following me on my movie twitter because I will be live-tweeting the whole show!

Happy Oscar Sunday, everyone! 


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