Watch this (HBO) Now: Watchmen

Based on the graphic novel by the same name, HBO’s Watchmen, quickly went from an apprehensive “Didn’t they already make that comic book into a bad movie?” to some of the best, must-see television of the year.

While this version on the graphic novel has the some of same characters (Hooded Justice, Dr. Manhattan, etc.) and the same underlying plot, HBO introduces new characters and storylines to keep viewers on their toes. Watchmen takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma in an alternate history where police have to wear masks, for their protection, and so do their biggest rivals, The Seventh Kalvary, a racist crusade of Rorschach-masked men and women.

We meet Angela Abar (Regina King), who is trying to live a normal life with her family while doing police work in secret under the masked alias of Sister Night. When events transpire that shake her police force to the core, their first suspect is The Seventh Kalvary. One thing to note about this series – Nothing is ever as it seems.

Watchmen does an incredible job of weaving deep and intricate plot lines together each episode, answering some questions while creating a million more. Don’t get too frustrated – At some point, all of your questions will be answered. Just be patient, it is SO worth it.

I was completely hooked from the first episode. I anxiously waited for Sunday nights each week to know what was going to happen next. Let me tell you, you will never see it coming. And good news! Season 1 is done so you can binge all of the episodes. right. now.

This is by far some of the best television I have seen in a long time. The acting, writing, costuming, editing and overall execution makes for a top-tier viewing experience. See what I’m talking about and watch Watchmen – Only on HBO.

Score: 5/ ★★★★★

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