Watch This (HBO) Now: Westworld Review

Westworld isn’t your typical amusement park with rollercoaster rides and silly games. Instead, this futuristic theme park is intended to indulge the rich in all their wild (west) fantasies. Using artificial “hosts”, guests can drink at the saloon, win a shoot-out or chase down bandits in the rolling hills– all with no risk or harm to them. But, especially in Westworld, nothing is as it seems… and the “hosts” are beginning to notice.

Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Thandie Newton are just a few of the big names that round out this all-star cast. The writing on this show is brilliant but would have been nothing without these actors.

The incredibly talented, Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores, a soft spoken and humble “host” that chooses to see the good no matter how bad things may seem. Ed Harris is chilling and creepy as the “Man in Black” whose true motive isn’t revealed until well into the series. James Marsden is lovable, but naive, as Teddy, a gun-slinging cowboy that can’t seem to catch a break. The real trick of this show is to figure out who is real and who isn’t…


After the first episode, you will have lots of questions but that’s how the writers keep you coming back for more. Rest assured, the majority of all your questions will be answered the more you watch. Once you start this series, you won’t be able to stop but luckily, you only have to wait until April for more episodes. Watch Westworld on HBO Now.


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