“The Sandman” Delivers the Performance of his Career in Uncut Gems

Billy Madison, who?

There is no question about Adam Sandler’s talent as an actor and comedian but Uncut Gems brought him to a whole new level. Howard Ratner (Sandler) is a charismatic jewelry shop owner with a beyond serious gambling problem that takes ahold of his life and rips it to pieces. In an anxiety-induced storyline with no end in sight, we find that winners never really win.

Taking place in 2012, we meet Howard right after he aquires a rare and precious opal that he intends to make millions off of at an auction later that month. When Kevin Garnett, in the height of his prime, walks into his store, Howard sees an opportunity to risk it all… and he can’t pass it up.

Chaos ensues in the most beautiful cinematic but most ultra-violent ways. Howard’s life begins to spiral out of control and the audience is just along for the ride. I couldn’t help but sit back and shake my head as he makes every wrong decision he possibly could. But that is what makes this movie so brilliant.

Although Howard is a terrible person that has done incredibly stupid and wildly messed up things… You find yourself rooting for him? Audiences around the world agree as Uncut Gems has become the highest grossing release for an A24 film and I think we have the Sandman to thank. His performance is raw, gripping and an accurate portrayal of the human condition.

I will warn you, this film is extremely graphic and the “F” word is said almost every 3 seconds, however, the acting, the writing, the suspense and the emotions are worth the trouble.

Uncut Gems reminds us that all that glitters is not always gold… Now playing in theaters everywhere.

Score: 3.5/★★★★★

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