Frozen 2 is the Best Disney Sequel Yet

Frozen took the world by (ice) storm in 2013 as the second-highest grossing animated film of all time, winning countless awards for its music and design, all the while little girls and boys continue to sing Let It Go at the tops of their lungs until their parents just can’t stand it anymore. With that type of impact, it was only a matter of time before they made a sequel.

Frozen 2 picks up right where we left off. All is peaceful in Arendelle, the seasons are changing but the bond between the our beloved characters – Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf – is stronger than ever. Elsa has been pushing down her feelings that there is something more out there for her when she starts to hear a beautiful and mysterious voice calling to her from the unknown. She knows in her heart she must follow it, leading her on an adventure to find her true purpose, with her sister and best friends by her side.

The writers stuck to what they know with a heart-warming tale that goes beyond a “normal princess movie.” There is love, humor, suspense and a message at it’s core that everyone can relate to. The whole theater was entranced by the music – A score and lyrics that is sure to churn out another hit like Let It Go (Listen to Into the Unknown). Of course, Olaf provides the comic relief with new jokes and a musical number that leaves your sides hurting from laughter.

When I say this film is better than the original and may be one of my favorite Disney films of all time, I mean it. There was not one moment I would have changed. This film perfectly encapsulates the changing of the seasons, proves the power of the truth, and the strength of love – whether it’s loving others or loving yourself.

Bri’s 3 for Frozen 2:

  • Kristoff’s song – Be prepared for some electric guitar and lots of hair flips.
  • The baby reindeer – My heart was BURSTING.
  • The underlying message of the film. When you know, you know.

Score: 4.5/ ★★★★★

Frozen 2 is now playing in theaters everywhere. Take the whole family and go see it now!

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