Love, Simon Review

A modern day John Hughes, teenage love story? I’m so there. However, Love, Simon has a little bit of a twist. The main character has one huge secret… he’s gay.

We first meet Simon (Nick Robinson) and his wonderful concoction of friends (Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp and Jorge Lendeborg Jr.)  their senior year of high school where their biggest problems are figuring out where they can get their next iced coffee and whose going to drive everyone to the homecoming football game.


Simon is finally coming to terms with who he really is and is deciding whether he wants to ride out his final year of high school with this secret weighing on him or take a leap of faith and live his truth. Heart-felt drama, laugh out loud humor and adorable tales of love ensue from there.

When I first saw the trailer for this film months ago, I was excited and restless to finally go see it but I had no clue the impact in would have on this generation. Countless people have taken to twitter to vocalize how this film helped them come out to their family, friends or come to terms with their own sexualities. The power of Love, Simon is undeniable and leaps off the screen, right into the viewers hearts.

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Love, Simon is now playing in theaters everywhere.



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