Get Out Review (R)

To all the horror film scaredy-cats in the world, I am right there with you. When I saw the trailer for Get Out, I thought, “Nope. No thanks, I’m good.” It also looked like one of those films that had a really interesting concept that falls flat when it comes to the details. Get Out was not that kind of film.

This movie has everyone talking. Recently, Rotten Tomatoes gave it 100% and I haven’t  heard a bad review yet. Crafted from the mind of Jordan Peele, from the comedy group Key & Peele, Get Out explores a satire world of racial tensions on a whole new level.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) are finally at the point in their relationship where it’s time to meet the parents. This can be extremely nerve wracking, especially for Chris who realizes Rose didn’t tell her family that he is African-American. As what hoped to be a normal weekend at her parent’s house unravels, so does a series of chilling discoveries that the audience figures out along with Chris.

The first twenty to thirty minutes of the film will seem like they are moving slowly for a psychological thriller but it’s important you pay attention to every detail, for it will be important later in the film.

I don’t want to ruin anything for you but I’ll just say that certain parts had the audience both laughing in fear and at the jokes (remember, Jordan Peele wrote it so it has to have some funny parts) but there was also a time when the whole theatre erupted in applause. That’s my FAVORITE part about going to see movies; when an audience full of strangers can share a common reaction. It’s incredible.

This film is important. It’s important for what America is going through right now and it is important because it is GOOD. This film gets five stars from me. Now, Get Out and go see it!

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