My 2017 Academy Awards Reaction


OH, what a night! I’m so sad it’s over and that I have to wait an entire year for the next one but enough happened during last nights show to keep my satisfied for a while.

Immediately after the night ended, I was bombarded with texts and Snapchats asking what I thought of the show and the events that transpired, so I decided to write up my reactions all in one place to answer everyones questions.

“Who did you think was Best Dressed?”

By far, Taraji P. Henson and, now Academy Award Winner, Emma Stone SLAYED the red carpet. It’s honestly not even fair. The real scene-stealer? Sunny Pawer from Lion. Oh, how I just want to squeeze his cute little face!

“What did you think of Jimmy Kimmel hosting?”

When it comes to who I think is the King of Late Night, I am a Jimmy Fallon girl, however, Kimmel actually kicked-butt hosting last night. He was the perfect amount of funny and witty, drawing on some fan favorite segments from his show like ‘Mean Tweets’ and his famous on-going rivalry with Matt Damon.

My favorite parts include when he summoned candy to fall from the ceiling and surprised a tour bus by giving them from row access to stars like Ryan Gosling and Denzel Washington. Never forget #GaryFromChicago and his fiancé’s hilarious reaction!


“Was there anyone you thought got jipped for the win?”

Three words: LIN MANUEL-MIRANDA. His music for Moana was incredible and I thought he was the most deserving. I would have loved to see his acceptance speech and for him to become an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner but oh well, maybe next year. *sigh*

I can’t forget to mention that Auli’i Carvalho (the voice of Moana) performance almost brought me to tears because it was so beautiful. Can you believe she is only 16?!

Fun fact: One of those flag twirlers accidentally hits Auli’i on the head but she plays it off  in true Disney-Princess style.

“Whose speech did you like the most?”

If you could get an Oscar for a speech you gave accepting an Oscar, Viola Davis would get it. Her wins are always well-deserved and her acceptance speeches are incredibly powerful. She even moved some people in the crowd to tears and got a standing ovation. You go, Viola!

And finally for the biggest question of the night…

“What did you think about the Best Picture mix-up?!”

Well first of all, I was super annoyed that Warren Beatty was taking so long to read the winner because I assumed, like everyone else, La La Land was going get it. After it was announced, I was just about to leave my moms house when I thought, “Maybe I should wait just a minute to see if Jimmy cracks one more joke or something before the show is over.” Thank GOD I stayed because not even seconds later, all the drama unfolded.

I could see Emma Stone mouthing “Did we not get it?” and I was really confused, as was everyone else on stage. When one of the La La Land producers announced that Moonlight was the real winner, my jaw dropped. How could they have mixed this up so bad?!

You could see how horrible Jimmy Kimmel felt and he immediately blamed himself for the mix-up when the real perpetrator was whoever handed Warren the wrong card. Over all, I knew the night went too perfectly and that something was BOUND to go wrong but not that wrong. With that being said, I am so happy for Moonlight and the film is what people should focus on – not how the end of the show went down.

To conclude, this was one of the best Oscar’s I’ve ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and I hope you all did too. Until next year, I’ll leave you with this amazing and weird GIF of Nicole Kidman clapping.




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