The Odyssey Online: Contributor Extraordinaire

A new year and a new journey begins! I have recently become a contributor for The Odyssey Online. It is an amazing platform where college students all over the country can have their articles be published and seen by thousands! I am so excited to be apart of it and grow in my writing. If you would like to see my articles, I post them all to Facebook where you can read and share them! You can also click on the link right here and that will take you right to my profile on the website.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is looking for more members to join our team of writers! If you or anyone you know would be interested, send them my way! Also, if your article gets the most shares out of everyone on your college team, you win a $20 gift card! It’s such a great experience and I’m so happy to take you guys along with me on this new journey!

Click here to read my latest article on ways to keep those New Year’s Resolutions!

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