The Revenant Review

I can’t believe I’m saying this… But I think Leonardo DiCaprio is FINALLY going to take home the Oscar for Best Actor. If this doesn’t do it for him, he might not ever win one.

Everything about this film is insane. The cinematography, the special effects, the acting, the storyline, the will-power to stay alive… I’m almost speechless.

The Revenant follows Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) who after getting malled by a grizzly bear is left for dead by his men. Most sane people would give up in the freezing tundra but not Glass. The intensity of this film and what it captures will make your skin crawl. This film is definitely not for someone with a weak stomach.

DiCaprio and Tom Hardy were unrecognizable in their roles and both of their raw acting talent was a crucial part of this film. The Revenant is going to be a tough beat for Best Picture with is breath-taking views, intricate camera angles and (what seemed like) continuous shots that lasted several minutes at a time. Even if this film had no actors, just the scenery could tell a story of all its own.

Be sure to see this film before the Oscar’s on February 28th so that when Leo finally wins that golden statue, you will understand why he deserves it.

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