Now on Netflix: A Guide to Black Mirror

You’ve heard of it. You’re confused by it. You’re not sure if you’re even interested in it. Well, I’m here to answer some questions. The British television series, only available on Netflix, Black Mirror, is hard to define, which can make it hard to understand. Think of it as the modern-day-yet-some-how-futuristic Twilight Zone but more twisted and confusing. Stay with me, I promise it gets better.

Initially, I thought Black Mirror was in the horror category and we all know that’s why I passed on it for so long. I was convinced to watch just one episodes titled Nosedive (S3:E1), starring Bryce Dallas Howard… And I was hooked.

One of the best things about Black Mirror is that no episode or season relates to another, they all have completely different actors, directors and stories to tell. Each is like it’s own mini-movie with its own beginning, middle and end.

In no particular order, I will let you know my favorite Black Mirror episodes and which ones you could probably pass on. (For you seasoned watchers – YES, I am talking about the pig one.)

Nosedive (S3:E1)

This episode is the best one to start with because it gives you a perfect glimpse into what Black Mirror is all about. Taking place in the future where your income and livelihood is based on “likes” and your social status, it doesn’t feel too far fetched. Being “on” all the time would make anyone go mad.

Hang the DJ (S4:E4)

This one is my one of my favorites. What if you could find out how long a significant other was going to be in your life? Would it change how you spent your time together? Ah, futuristic love at its finest.

USS Callister (S4:E1)

If Star Trek and Black Mirror had a baby, it would be the USS Callister. This episode is one of the most fun – filled with familiar faces, suspense and humor, making for intergalactic gold.

San Junipero (S3: E4)

Another one that is so, so, so well-done; San Junipero takes place in a seaside town in the 80’s, where two very different women strike up an unlikely, transcending bond.

Now, here are some episodes that I had a love/hate relationship with…

Playtest (S3:E2)

If you want your mind to be blown and be emotionally wounded, watch Playtest, starring Wyatt Russell. Cooper is low on cash so he ops in to participate in a revolutionary new gaming test, where he quickly discovers the simulations feel all too real.

Shut Up and Dance (S3:E3)

With each episode, you will be shocked and you will need to pay attention. Shut Up and Dance is no different. After a teenagers laptop gets hacked, he is at the mercy of the hacker, who makes his carry out horrifying tasks, threatening to expose his secrets if he doesn’t comply.

White Bear (S2:E2) and White Christmas (S2:E4)

Two of the most mind-boggling, heart-wrenching episodes that will leave you staring blankly at your screen. The less you know about each episode, the better. Just enjoy the unpleasant ride down a rabbit hole of terrible tales of technology.

The Entire History of You (S1:E3)

Whatever the reason is that our memory is only accessible to ourselves is a good thing. The Entire History of You explores what it would be like if we could relive other peoples memories – the good ones and the bad ones.

The episodes I passed on…

The National Anthem (S1:E1), The Waldo Moment (S2:E3), Men Against Fire (S3:E5), Hated in the Nation (S3:E6), Crocodile (S4:E3), Metalhead (S4:E5)

After you have watched a decent amount of episodes, you can graduate on to the finale that encapsulates pieces of some of the best – and worst – episodes to bring you to Black Mirror‘s climax of storylines… Black Museum (S4:E6).

As for the newly released, season 5, I was less than impressed. The three-episode drop was highly anticipated after the surprise release of Bandersnatch during the last holiday season. The episodes felt rushed and packed a weak punch compared to the jaw-dropping stories that came before it.

Overall, the enjoyment of each episode is entirely up to you. Black Mirror is now playing, only on Netflix.

Which episodes of Black Mirror are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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