Now on Netflix: Bird Box

Bird Box on Netflix has quickly become the talk of the holiday season, sparking countless memes and reenactments. You’re probably wondering if it’s worth all the hype.. My answer is yes.

Bird Box is based on a twisted, thrilling novel by Josh Malerman. It can be compared to the plot in A Quiet Place – Taking place in an apocalyptic world, where an unknown being has invaded and wipped out large amounts of people. Instead of not being able to make a sound without being hunted by the aliens, in Bird Box, they can’t look at the “being” without falling into a trance that causes them to hurt other people and/or kill themselves.

Malorie (Sandra Bullock) is expecting her first child but is having doubts about whether she will connect with the baby once he or she arrives. Her sister, Jessica (Sarah Paulson), promises her that this will be her most exciting life-journey yet… If only she knew what was to come.

We see on TV that there has been wide-spread suicides in other countries, an epidemic that has people throwing themselves out windows or walking out into on-coming traffic. When this terrible plague makes it’s way to the U.S., chaos ensues and Malorie finds herself doing whatever she can to protect herself and her unborn child.

For being a Netflix original, this film pulled out all the stops. It’s cinematography is crispy and stylistic, the cast is filled to the brim with incredible actors including Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich and Rosa Salazar and two brilliant child actors. On top of all that, the story line is intense, heart-stopping and emotional. I laughed, I cried and found myself yelling at the TV (Why can people in scary movies be so dumb?).

This film deserves your full attention. Be sure to note small details like the birds and people’s names – They will come back around in the end. After you’ve finished the film, look up the hashtag #BirdBox on Twitter to see all of the hilarious memes and GIF’s that fans of the film are sharing. It makes the experience even more enjoyable, knowing everyone noticed the same messed up things you did.

“See” the film that everyone is talking about! Bird Box is now playing, only on Netflix.

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