Aquaman Review

Everyone deserves a second chance – even DC Comics. After the rickety mess that was Justice League, I thought the DC universe could redeem themselves with Aquaman. While this film didn’t soar, it also didn’t flop.

I’ll start off with what Aquaman got right. First of all, Jason Momoa. His screen presence is strong and mighty, just the same as the God of the Sea that he is portraying. He was born to play this role and does so swimmingly. The cast also includes many other beautiful people like Amber Heard as Mera, Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna, and Patrick Wilson as his power-hungry, half-brother, King Orn. Did I mention Jason Momoa?

While the “under the sea” shots were extremely cheesy, the overall filter on the film made it feel like the perfect balance between the real world and a comic book. The writing also wasn’t terrible, just filled to the brim with fish puns. One thing I didn’t mind was all the action that is almost nonstop, from start to finish. How the fighting was shot is what made it so great. It’s graphic and intense with the audience in the middle of it all.

I also really enjoyed the beginning of the movie where we get to learn Aquaman’s (or known on land as Arthur) origin story. How his parents, a lighthouse keeper and the Queen of the Sea, come to find love is sweet and a tale as old as time – a forbidden love between two people from different words. We also get to see how Arthur discovers his oceanic powers and his thorough trident training.

Now, for the not-so-good parts… This film tries to be something it’s not. Everyone knows DC is a lot darker than it’s rival, Marvel films, so when Aquaman tried to crack jokes, the theater was filled with half-hearted laughs.

The main villain is Aquaman’s half-brother, King Orn, who wants to take control of Atlantis and start a war with the people on land. However, there is another evil power acting against Aquaman who goes by Manta – a guy in a bulky, black suit that has giant, red-laser shooting eyes and looks more like he should be a villain on Power Rangers. The additional rivalry didn’t make sense and just made for a watered down storyline.

Overall, Aquaman was better than I thought it would be but still didn’t quite set sail. The only thing that made this movie better for me was a large popcorn, reclining movie theater chairs and some good company. And seriously, did I mention Jason Momoa?

Aquaman is now playing in theaters everywhere!

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