Deadpool Review (R)

After years of trying to get this film made, Ryan Reynolds finally did it and everyone is so glad he did. First of all, Deadpool is NOT like a normal superhero movie so please don’t take your 12 year olds to go see it… you will have to explain a LOT of things to them after.

Deadpool is about an already messed up guy who falls in love with a messed up girl and to make things even more messed up, he gets cancer. Wade Wilson (Reynolds) takes his fate into his own hands when he is offered to be cured of his cancer and gain “super- like” powers. That’s where the real story begins.

Ryan Reynolds is hilariously raunchy as Deadpool. He even makes fun of his old stint as Marvel’s Green Lantern which we all remember how terrible that was. I could have done without the giant man of steel and the moody super teenage girl because I didn’t really get what they did for the story line. But on a different note, for all you ladies out there, there might even be a fully naked fight seen where you get to see Reynolds in all his “sexiest man alive” glory.

Reminder, don’t take your kids or go with your parents but see it with a group of friends that have dirty humor just like you do and you’ll have a great time!

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