Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Back to the Future Day in the Best Way Possible

As many of you avid movie watchers might know, October 21, 2015 marked the day that Marty McFly and Doc came to the future! In the movie, 2015 had flying cars and hover boards but today we have… Uber and emojis. But hey! At least Jimmy Kimmel blessed us with this amazing reunion of our two favorite characters from the classic film.

Micheal J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprise their costumes and famous DeLorean for one of the best 10-minute sketches in Kimmel history. This was an epic treat for those who love and adore the films that came out in the 80’s. Their characters seemed disappointed in how 2015 actually turned out to be and I don’t blame them!

Who doesn’t want flying cars, shoes that lace themselves and holograms?

Thank you Jimmy Kimmel making all of Back to the Future fans geek out!

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