Spectre Review

Everything about this movie made it a typical cliche Bond film. From the opening gun barrel sequence to the sleek cars, the stunning women and the oh- so evil villains, I loved every cliche moment of it.

Before the age of twelve, my dad had sat my sister and I down to watch every single James Bond film ever made and for that, I am forever grateful! Bond films that are  full of action and romance and mystery have kept me at the edge of my seat since Sean Connery in Dr. No.

Although I must admit, Daniel Craig was never my favorite Bond, he sold me in this film. Spectre digs into Bonds past to reveal that everything is connected to this one sinister organization that’s hell- bent on taking out Bond and committing terrorist attacks through out the world.

I must not forget to mention that Sam Smith’s new song, Writing’s on the Wall, that plays in the beginning sequence is absolutely stunning. That man can SING.

The movie was a little lengthy but it’s a definite must-see, especially in theaters. So for all you Bond lovers or just plain thrill seekers, make your way over to AMC this weekend to watch this soon- to- be classic Bond film unfold.

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