The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review

I only had one thing to remember to bring to the movie theatre and of course, I forgot it. It’s safe to say I had to wash my hoodie several times after seeing this movie to get out all the snot and tears. Not much surprise that I bawled my eyes out half the movie since I had just done so a month earlier when I read the book. So a few words of advice, 1. BRING TISSUES and 2. GO SEE THE MOVIE RIGHT NOW.

There is lots of controversy dealing with not reading the book before seeing the movie but honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you have read the book or not before you see the movie. All it’s about is not letting anyone ruin the storyline for you and immersing yourself in this film.

Hazel and Augustus are two normal teenagers who fall in love and have many things in common.. one of those things being cancer. This movie will make you blush, laugh, cheer and obviously cry.. a lot. It would be a huge mistake to not give this amazing love story a chance so go now, you won’t regret it. “Okay? Okay.”

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