A Million Ways to Die in the West Review

Diseases, wild animals and gun fights are just a few out of the millions of ways that someone could die in 1882 in the Wild West. Seth MacFarlane, who also wrote, directed and produced while starring in this film, plays a cowardly sheep farmer named Albert. When a mysterious woman named Anna (Charlize Theron) moves to town, Albert begins to fall in love. This could be the deadliest thing of all since she is married to the most vicious gun fighter in the West, Clinch (Liam Neesen).
MacFarlane never disappoints with his wildly sexual and raunchy jokes that keeps the audience blushing and buzzing with laughter. This film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi, Sarah Silverman and Niel Patrick Harris who of course gets to lead his own dance number. A Million Ways to Die in the West is definitely my favorite Seth MacFarlane movie and I promise it will climb to the top of your list too.

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