Maleficent Review

Who doesn’t love it when a cartoon becomes real? Disney does it again and does not disappoint. Maleficent (played by the STUNNING Angelina Jolie) is the terrible creature that casts a horrible spell on sweet, innocent Princess Aurora. But like the saying from the extremely popular Broadway musical, Wicked, was Maleficent born wicked? Or did she have wickedness thrust upon her?
This film follows Maleficent’s point of view and shows us the events that lead to her casting the curse. The special effects weren’t extremely impressive but the acting was. Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne, even makes her big screen debut and she steals the show with her adorable charm. Elle Fanning plays teenage Princess Aurora and was absolutely perfect for the role. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have seen this film if Angelina Jolie wasn’t in it but I’m sure glad I did and you will be too.

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