Neighbors Review

Check List for seeing Neighbors:
1. Do NOT go see this movie with your parents and/or children. I say this to save you from a world of awkwardness.
2. Do NOT drink any beverages during the film because it will come out your nose from laughing so hard.
3. Boys, if you see this movie with any female, just let them stare at Zac Efron and Dave Franco.. You can’t really stop them anyways but just let it happen.
4. Girls, take in the beauty of Efron and Franco every second they are on screen.
5. Be prepared to laugh so hard that you leave the theater with six pack abs.
Neighbors is raunchy, heartwarming, hilarious, disgusting, exciting and mind blowing all at the same time. With a cast jam- packed full of absolutely genius comedic actors, you can’t expect this movie to be anything but nonstop laughter. When a fraternity moves in next door to a couple with a new born baby, it’s nothing but trouble. I definitely recommend this movie for anyone above the age of 18 who doesn’t mind very raunchy humor. And if you see this movie, don’t forget my checklist!

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