“Dickinson” is Way Ahead of its Time Period

“I have one purpose…and that is to become a great writer.” You will, Emily Dickinson, you will.

Now, I am not one for a period piece. I actually tend to avoid them at all costs (and yes, that includes Brigderton). However, I have always been inspired by Hailee Steinfeld, envying her for being an Oscar nominee at only fourteen years old for her performance in Winter’s Bone. So when I saw that she would be playing Emily Dickinson in a period drama, I wasn’t about it.

Then I began to hear that this show was different… It strayed far away from other shows in the same time period by incorporating current slang (“hella,” “lit”, “cancelled,” etc.), popular music and Wiz Khalifa in a supporting role? I figured I should at least give it a chance…Four hours later, eight episodes into the first season, I had permanently made an indent in my couch and successfully binged more than half of the episodes.

Steinfeld leans on her quirky yet purposeful acting skills to portray Dickinson, a sassy wannabe poet who has little desire to get married and start a family and all of the passion in the world to write moving poetry from the small, wooden desk in her bedroom.

Each episode, thoughtfully titled after lines from Dickinson’s poetry, is full of stunning visuals and songs that will make you pause the show and look up the lyrics. It doesn’t take much brain power to watch and enjoy this show, which can be refreshing in times like these. Dickinson is playful, a little sad (and maybe a little erotic at times), and the perfect show to binge on a Friday night during a snowstorm in the middle of a pandemic, amirite?

Fall into this modern drama with a 1850’s flare and learn more about one of the greatest poets in American history. She is kinda badass, not gonna lie.

Dickinson season 2 is now streaming, only on Apple TV+.

Score: 3/★★★★★

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