3 Fun Facts About Mission: Impossible -Fallout

Right when you think the mission is 100% impossible, Ethan Hunt proves you wrong time and time again.

As a die-hard Mission: Impossible fan I was so pumped for the latest installment to hit theaters with some familiar faces – Tom Cruise (duh), Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg – as well as some new faces including Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett and Alec Baldwin. After Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation fell short in 2015, I was excited for Cruise and the rest of his clan to redeem themselves.

Fallout is intense, thrilling and smart with bits of humor sprinkled through out. When a mission goes wrong, only Ethan can make it right but it’s never easy. This film follows the same formula as the other M:I films with everything from explosions to fight scenes to death defying stunts. Here are some fun facts about Fallout that has the internet talking:

1. Henry Cavill loads his fist…and grows a beard? 

In a gif that was recently shared on Twitter, you see Cavill pumping up his arms before he joins in on an intense fight scene. If you look close enough, it looks like he sprouts more facial hair (and a front pocket on his shirt). How could such a thing happen?

That’s because this one scene, that is probably around 8 minutes, was filmed over a weeks time period. It took THAT long to master all the moves, get the shots just right and make the whole thing seamless (almost). While you’re watching this fight sequence, you would never notice these things but leave it to the internet to find the smallest hiccup. Please enjoy watching this gif over and over again.


2. The more Tom Cruise runs = The more movie tickets sell.

In a recent study, they found that “movies featuring Cruise running more than 1,000 feet have a higher Tomatometer average (a huge 71%) than the movies in which he runs less than that, or not at all – and the same movies make more money at the box office, with an average inflated international gross of $538 million.” I have to say, I do love watching him run. He is SO fast and runs SO far every time. He’s also pretty small too so it makes it even better. “Run, Ethan, Run!”


3. Tom Cruise broke his ankle doing an “easy” stunt. (a.k.a literally jumping from one building to the next!)

Cruise is known for doing all his own stunts – he refuses anytime the directors insist on using a stunt double and this is why he is the best. He trained for a year and a half to fly a helicopter, broke him ankle on set and was back 8 weeks later and he makes it all look effortless. In the gif below, you can see the moment it happens and the most amazing part? This scene is still in the movie. I personally think he doesn’t get enough credit for how truly incredible his stamina and precision is. Bravo, Tom – You still got it!

Related image

I’m curious – What are your favorite Mission: Impossible movies? I love the second one and Ghost Protocol the most! Let me know in the comments below.

Now that you know these fun facts, go check out Mission: Impossible – Fallout, in theaters now! Want more interesting facts? Click here to listen to my podcast with Montez on 96.1 KISS FM!


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