Action Point Review

If you love ridiculous stunts, crude humor and 70’s music, Action Point is the movie for you. Johnny Knoxville mixes Jackass and Bad Grandpa to concoct the perfect movie to get you in the summer spirit.

This film follows D.C. (Knoxville) as he tells his granddaughter all about what use to be his pride and joy, an out-of-control amusement park called Action Point where the rides were designed for “minimum safety and maximum fun.”


We flashback to the 70’s when the park is in trouble with declining attendance thanks to corporate theme parks popping up in the area. D.C. decides the only way to beat them is to break all the rules by not having any rules at his park. Cringe-worthy stunts, hilarious pranks and sheer chaos ensues.

Action Point isn’t Oscar-worthy but I sure enjoyed it. If you want to see it, go on Tuesdays when it’s only $5 or just wait for it to come out on Red Box.

Want to know how badly Johnny Knoxville got hurt making this movie? Click here to listen to my podcast to find out.

Action Point is in theaters now!




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