Deadpool 2 Review

Back for round two of crude humor, senseless violence and endless wisecracks at Ryan Reynolds expense, Deadpool 2 delivers a hilarious sequel, starring the anti-hero that breaks the fourth-wall and every rule possible.

The “mercenary with a mouth” (Ryan Reynolds) needs a little help this time around to stop Cable, a revengeful, half-mechanical villain from the future (played by Josh Brolin, who you also might recognize as Thanos in Infinity War), from killing a teenage boy with special powers. In order to do so, Deadpool creates the X-Force, an unlikely band of mutant heroes, and side-splitting, ridiculous action ensues from there.

My new favorite hero introduced is Domino, played by the ultra-badass-babe Zazie Beetz. Her power? Pure luck. Beetz comedic timing and complete confidence made it impossible to take your eyes off of her anytime she was on screen. Watching Domino made me feel like I could do ANYTHING and I know every female in the audience felt the same way. If anything, go see this movie just for her. #GirlPower


Is this second installment better than the first Deadpool? Sadly, no… It felt like the writers were so worried about making sure this one was funny that they packed as many jokes in as possible. I found a few jokes went over the audiences head because it got muddled inside all the action taking place on screen.

BUT this film is still fun, cringe-worthy and wildly entertaining so definitely worth a trip to the theater. The sound track is amazing (mixing classic hip-hop and surprisingly, a little bit of dub-step), the jokes will keep you giggling and DO NOT forget to stay until after all the credits roll for Easter Eggs and extra, hysterical scenes.

Overall, Deadpool 2 delivers but leaves the audience wanting just a little bit more. Check it out for yourself! Deadpool 2 is in theaters now.

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2 thoughts on “Deadpool 2 Review

  1. Great review! I too found that the soundtrack was fantastic. Personally I do think that it’s better than the first installment, because of the more original story and more interesting visuals.

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