The Shape of Water Review

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The Oscars are quickly approaching which means my window of time to see all the nominated films is almost running out. The Shape of Water intrigued me from the moment I watch the trailer months ago so when I saw it was nominated for Best Picture, it solidified the fact that I needed to see this movie.

This is a classic story of love, loneliness and loss with a unique twist. It takes place during the 1960’s at a top secret research facility where a mute janitor, Elisa (Sally Hawkins), falls in love with an amphibious creature that is being held captive. When the government is done running their tests on the aquatic man, it is up to her whether to save him or let him die.

Elisa has two very dear friends that give this film life and humor. Octavia Spencer steals the show as the brass and sassy friend that truly understands and protects Elisa unconditionally. Richard Jenkins plays Elisa’s anxious and lonely neighbor who is low on his luck but finds purpose in helping his friend do what she feels is right.

Micheal Shannon’s character is creepy and to-the-core evil, as he usually is in most films. You may recognize the amphibian man (just kidding, you really won’t) is Doug Jones, the man behind many beloved, creepy characters in films such as Hell Boy, Pan’s Labyrinth and Hocus Pocus.

Overall, The Shape of Water is extremely visually beautiful to watch. The saturation of the color schemes, the costumes and the feel of the film is very precise and well-thoughtout, engulfing you in story. The pace of the film is a little slow in the beginning but as the plot thickens and the pace picks up, you can’t help but root for Elisa and her new found love, no matter how odd it maybe.

I highly recommend seeing this film in theaters as it’s the best way to get the whole experience. The Shape of Water is nominated for 13 Academy Awards, including Best Director and Best Cinematography. What are you waiting for? Go see The Shape of Water now!


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