Me Before You Review (PG-13)

Now, I am not one for sappy, “Nicholas Sparks” type films but I hadn’t been to the movies in a while and my friends picked this time. I will say… I was pleasantly surprised.

I went in without any expectations but with lots of tissues due to the overwhelming amount of tweets about how this movie “wrecked” young girls emotions. You expect a tear-jerker which is what you get… but you also get so much  more.

Me Before You is about a quirky girl named Lou (Emilia Clarke) who, in desperate need for a job, takes a care-giver position for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) who is left paralyzed after a tragic accident. Bitter about the life he has now, Will is a tough shell to crack. With her wit and unique fashion sense, Lou slowly shows Will the life he can still live.

This film was actually very funny, loaded with sarcasm and dirty jokes that are light-hearted which helps ease the heavy-hearted storyline.

The sceneries were beautiful, the actors were beautiful and the lesson you learn from this film is, well, beautiful. Me Before You teaches you to “live boldly, push yourself, don’t settle.” *sniffles*

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