Sia’s “Elastic Heart”: Music Video Review

New Year equals new reviews including reviews of music videos. Sia is not your cookie cutter pop singer so it’s no surprise that her music videos are extremely odd. Her song “Chandelier” topped the charts for weeks in 2014, especially after its intriguing music video was released.

Sia released her second single, “Elastic Heart” which obviously needed to have an even stranger video. Maddie Zielger, from the widely popular show Dance Moms, stars in both videos but has a surprising (like REALLY surprising) guest star in “Elastic Heart”. Who would have thought that Shia LaBeouf could dance??

The ‘Transformers’ star that has taken over the media with his erotic behavior lately gives a stunning performance that shocked me to the core. As the video begins, I had the same thought as most of you, “What the hell?!”.

I couldn’t take my eyes off LaBeouf as he jumps around in side a giant birdcage. After I got over the fact that he was dancing (and that he now has very large muscles), I realized that this video isn’t just a bunch of crazy. The story line is actually beautiful.

It’s reported that this video’s concept is depicted from Sia’s real relationship with her father. After knowing that information, I understood the story that Shia and Maddie were telling and I give them a standing ovation.

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