Women’s Body Image Project

Hello all! Sorry it’s been a while since my last review, life has been crazy busy! Today, I am sharing a film of my own instead of reviewing someone else’s. This nine- minute Youtube video was created by myself and four other girls for our Introduction to Mass Communications class. The prompt was very open; the video just needed to be nine to ten minutes about something in the media. Easy enough.
It being that all of us in the group were girls, we decided to go with what effected us most in media today. The images of models and celebrities on the covers of magazines aren’t real. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is photoshopped these days. This gives girls around the world impossible standards to live up to. Women and girls go to great measure to reach this goal and it can sometimes even be fatal.
Please take the time to watch this video that we all worked so hard on! My “movie critic mind” loved it so I’m sure you will too!

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