Philomena Review

Philomena absolutely took me by surprise. This Best Picture Nominee is also based on a true story that not even the best writer in the world could come up with. Philomena Lee (Judi Dentch) is an elderly women who breaks 50 years of silence about her child she had out of wedlock. Taken away from her and sold to a family in America, she is determined to find her son.

Philomena’s daughter asks for the help of Martin Sixthsmith (Steve Coogan), a writer and journalist who just got the sack from his job and is striving for a new start. Sixthsmith and Lee set out on an impeccable journey to find her long lost son with many twists and turns along the way. Martin’s witty and sarcastic demeanor plays well with Philomena’s innocence and spark. Their journey will make you laugh and cry and learn the true meaning of forgiveness of others and most importantly, yourself.

Philomena is a shoe-in for best picture because of it’s fabulous writing, crisp scenery and colors and it’s incredible acting. It’s no surprise that Judi Dentch steals the show and is nominated for another Oscar for Best Actress. I truly haven’t been this impressed with a movie in a very long time so go see it now! I promise you won’t regret it.

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