Dallas Buyers Club Review

This is a trailer for Dallas Buyers Club, a movie that is nominated for many Academy awards such as Best Actor (McConaughey), Best Supporting Actor (Leto) and many more including hair and editing. I watched this movie yesterday and was abosultely blown away by the acting. Matthew McConaughey is completely unrecognizeable as Ron Woodroof, a role that sets the bar high for the other nominees in the Best Actor category. He is grungy, rude, foul, and a true mans- man when Woodroof finds out that he has HIV. That doesn’t stop him from living his life exactly how he wants to; drugs, strippers and all. Along his journey, he meets Jared Leto’s character, Rayon, a transgender man facing the same battle as Ron. Woodroof takes a while to warm up to him, but soon they become unstoppable business partners on a mission to help themselves, others with HIV and above all, make big cash. This film deserves to be nominated for Best Editing. The cuts were smooth, clean and I loved how the camera followed Ron’s point of view. When Ron was feeling hazy and had loud ringing in his head, the audience felt it too. This caused the audience to really connect with Woodroof and the movie. Going into this movie, I hadn’t done much research so I was pleasantly surprised to see Jennifer Garner playing Eve, a nurse that becomes close with both Rayon and Ron. Through out the film, I must admit, I got bored. It could have had a few scenes cut, but overall, the beginning draws the audience and the end was the cherry on top of a true story that I’m glad I got to hear. I recommend this movie to anyone who appreciates a well directed and edited movie with stunning performances that WILL win Oscars. Sorry this review is so long but like i said, I’m a beginner at this! Thanks for reading! XOXO

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