Halloween (2018) Review

There is always a first for everything and Halloween is full of them. This is my first review of a horror film, the first horror film I saw in theaters, the first horror film I saw in theaters ALONE and that is just for me personally. Halloween is also the #1 biggest opening for a horror film with a female lead, biggest movie opening with a female lead over 55 and biggest Halloween opening ever. Yeah, it’s the real deal.

It’s been 40 years since Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was nearly killed fighting off psychotic killer, Michael Myers, on Halloween night. Now, locked away in an institution, Myers has been studied for years by doctors and psychiatrist, while Laurie has prepared for his inevitable escape. She turns her house into a fortress, masters guns and combat to be ready for the fateful day when they meet again.


This film pays incredible homage to the 1978 original. Curtis isn’t the only one reprising her role. Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, also comes back to put on the infamous mask once again. Like the original, the “jump” factor is still there and better than ever. While I didn’t find the film scary, I was constantly jumping out of my seat and plugging my ears anytime the movie got a little too quiet… The gore, the blood, the drama, the song and even the title sequence are all back to give classic horror film fans what they love most.

One of my favorite things is to give my readers fun facts about whatever film I’m reviewing and, boy, do I have a good one for you today! According to cracked.com, the first Halloween film was on a tight budget, which caused them to get a little lazy when it came to costuming. The production team went to a magic shop and bought the cheapest mask they could find… which happened to be a mask of William Shatner‘s face – more specifically Captain Kirk’s face from Star Trek.

“After spray-painting the face, widening the eye holes, and changing the hair (which, unrealistically, was not detachable) the iconic mask was born.” You’ll never be able to un-see that now.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 4.43.44 PM.png

Overall, it was an honor to give my first horror movie review and first horror movie I saw in theaters to Halloween. It’s creepy, suspenseful, entertaining, slightly cheesy (in the best way) and has some pretty bad-ass women taking over the screen. Also, I actually had fun watching it… Who am I? Get into the spooky holiday spirit and go see Halloween! If I can handle it, I promise you can too.

Halloween is now playing in theaters everywhere.


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